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Remuneration for legal services is determined mainly by an agreement (contractual remuneration) between a lawyer and his client. This type of remuneration depends on the legal intensity and amount of time of the service provided. If the remuneration is not arranged between the parties then the remuneration follows the Decree of Ministry of Justice no. 177/1996 Coll. (Collection of Laws), the Lawyer’s tariff. Lawyer remuneration can be determined by an agreement as the remuneration per hour, non-contractual remuneration (defined by the Lawyer‘s tariff), lump-sum remuneration or the share remuneration..

Remuneration per hour

Remuneration per hour can be defined as a type of remuneration when the client pays the lawyer an agreed remuneration according to the amount of hours of legal service. If the counseling is not very demanding it is possible to partially lower the remuneration.

Non-contractual remuneration

Non-contractual remuneration can be described as a type of remuneration depending on the amount of acts (tasks) of legal service which will be performed in the matter. The Lawyer’s Tariff describes what is understood as a legal service act (task). It is for example taking and preparation of a case or a defense, drafting a contract, drafting an action, drafting an appeal, participation in judicial proceedings, etc.

Lump-sum remuneration

A lump-sum remuneration is suitable for clients who have regular needs for legal services in a certain stable amount. In that case we offer our clients the possibility to pay for legal services by a lump-sum remuneration, that is by an agreed and fixed sum of money paid regularly (e.g. per month). If you are interested in the lump-sum remuneration we can offer you legal services no matter to what extent they are provided during a certain time period. Lump-sum remuneration gives the client the advantage of foreseeability and stable amount of expenses spent on legal services even in situations in which the client would have to pay more because of bigger needs for legal services.

Share remuneration

Share remuneration can be understood as a type of remuneration which is determined by an agreement of parties as the share according to the result in the case (i.e. by a per cent share from the claim achieved in the case).

In addition to the remuneration we charge the client the cash expenses connected to legal service provided (e.g. travelling expenses, court and administrative fees, compensation for the time spent on dealing with the case, expenses connected to translations of documents and experts‘ opinions).

While determining the amount of remuneration the lawyer takes into account not only the amount of time and the type of the case but also the financial possibilites of each client. Before taking a case the client is always informed about the anticipated extent of work and the total expenses he would need to pay in order to solve the case. Our client has always the possibility to choose the type of remuneration which is the most convenient for him, or to eventually change the type of remuneration upon agreement with the lawyer.

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